About Us

As a young hatchery technician in the seventies I was struck with how most of the hatchery equipment was outdated. And as you know, you have a whole lot of time for thinking at the end of a broom. The more I pushed that old orange bristle barn broom on an inch & a quarter oak handle the more frustrated I got. That frustration finally turned to action in the early eighties with the development of the first generation Warren Water Broom. Every product since then has been designed with thought into saving time, money and backaches. WWB products have always been manufactured with the newest and highest quality materials. We believe that if you are not compelled to use our products we need to update and to innovate!
Looking for innovative fish culture ideas has been second nature to me.  It was in this quest that I became a partner in ReddZone.

ReddZone is the more technical of the two companies and it focuses on oxygen supplementation, moist air and deep matrix incubation, eyed egg planting and re-use systems.
For more information on these technologies go to ReddZone.net .

ReddZone.net was born out of this same spirit with long time friend and fellow inventor, Tod Jones. We share the notion that all great ideas are still out there to be developed!

A special thanks goes to my parents Dell and Zephyr Warren that owned and operated and helped me develop many of the products for the Warren Water Broom company over the past 20 years.

My father and I not only owned and managed Warren Water Broom for over 30 years, but also have had careers with ODFW (Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife) for over 30 years and are retired fish hatchery managers from the same hatchery. The Gnat Creek Fish Hatchery, near Astoria, Oregon, USA.