The Original Warren Water Broom

The broom that flies underwater!

It is the shape that makes the broom dive to the bottom for the cleaning pressure that is needed for an exceptional cleaning job.

The Warren Water Broom has been a mainstay in the hatchery business for over three decades. It is an extreme pond cleaning device that has stood the test of time and durability over the long haul.  It is milled from UHMW plastic and has replacement bristles. Overall it is a broom made to be sanitized easily and used for many years.
  24"  Warren Water Broom                   $49.50
  36"  Warren Water Broom                   $72.50
24"  Lightning Broom                       $52.50


                       Screen Broom

The Screen Broom is by far the most effective cleaning device for vertical screens and wall cleaning on the market.  The broom becomes more effective the faster you move it up and down. It has been designed to push towards the screen or walk surface either way, up or down. It also comes with the same bristle replacement design as the original Warren Water Broom, which makes for easy sanitation and long broom life.


This broom is available in 12"and 24" lengths and has the broom and threads milled into the head.
  12" Screen Broom                      
    24" Screen Broom                        $49.50


 Aluminum Oregon Dredge

The all aluminum Oregon dredge has been specifically designed for the hatchery industry.  The dredge takes the same bristles as the Warren water broom for easy replacement.

We use a commercial wheel design that have double thread lock design to keep the wheels on the unit.

We build the Oregon dredge with large ponds and raceways in mind, so they are available in  standard 18" and 20" models.  We also can build larger dredges that have double 2" ports and up to a single 3" single port 36" dredge.

The handle bracket takes pike pole handles, and are sold separately.

We use aluminum to keep the weight down while being able to increase the overall size of the dredges without creating back problems.

The Oregon Dredge is used in conjunction with the Barbell Sight Tube.

Barbell Sight Tube

The Bar Bell Sight Tube is another high quality product developed to speed up the vacuuming process by keeping the person running the vacuum aware of what is coming off the bottom instantly while reducing the chance of sucking up fish.

It is manufactured with quick couplings for ease
of use.
  18" Oregon Dredge                    $650.00
 20" Oregon Dredge                  
 Barbell Sight Tube                      $169.00

 Warren Water Stick

The Warren water stick was designed to be the most accurate water measuring device for fish hatcheries and irrigation districts. The 6' stick makes multiple measurements quick and easy.

Designed to make quick and easy-to- read measurements without having to use the old yardstick method.

You just slide the foot down and touch the water and then read the top of the stick. The foot of this tool reaches out far enough to get the true water height over the weir to get the most accurate reading for precise fish treatments.

Light weight and easy to use.

  Warren Water Stick                      $75.00